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Hollypet Crab Pet House

If it doesn't scare your pet away then it will love this warm and cozy Crab Pet House. A Pet Lovers dream.

LED Dog Collar

LED light up and rechargeable Dog or cat collar. I got this for our puppy Sen.

LED Dog Umbrella

So your dog will poop in the rain. The handle even lights up so everyone will know your dog is pooping.

Mermaid Life Jacket for Dogs

Better safe than sorry a life jacket for your dog. It's comfortable and easy to put on. It also has a top handle to grab your dog quickly if needed.

Outdoor Dog Fountain

A hydrated dog is a healthy dog. Hooks up to your hose for continues flow. It has a lifetime warranty and a training guide to teach your dog.

Pawz First Aid Kit

There are 78 items in this kit. That should cover absolutely any emergency you pet could have.

Poodle Head Dog Mask

Do I need to say for humans? I'm speechless. I guess if you want to act like a Poodle this is for you.

Pooping Dog Puzzle

A puzzle to see your favorite dog pooping. If you don't have a favorite type of dog you can get the 101 Pooping Dogs Puzzle.

Prank Pet Swing Box

The key word here is prank. It's an empty box that makes someone think you got them a weird gift.

Puff-N-Fluff Dog Dryer

On the Amazon UK because I guess they like to keep their dog fluffy. That's a true Pet Lover

Squeaky Stuffed Toys

Does your dog smoke? Probably not but it can look like they’re in an Al Pacino movie with this dog toy.

Travel Water Bottle for Dogs

This is one of the best things I ever bought.Use it in the car or on a long walk. the water doesnt leak and it's like drinking from a bowl.